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Barcelona Flights Facts

Barcelona Flights Distance and Flight Time Calculator

Popular Picks:

  • New York - Barcelona: 3830 miles, flight time 8 hours
  • Los Angeles - Barcelona: 6020 miles, flight time 12 hours
  • Moscow - Barcelona: 1880 miles, flight time 4 hours
  • Sydney - Barcelona: 10690 miles, flight time 21 hours
  • Rio de Janeiro - Barcelona: 5310 miles, flight time 11 hours
  • Paris - Barcelona: 520 miles, flight time 2 hours
  • Tokyo - Barcelona: 6490 miles, flight time 13 hours

Barcelona Highlights - From the Barcelona Flights Guide

Many of Barcelona’s top sights are architectural gems by Antonio Gaudi, who gave the city its unique and highly recognizable image. In addition, the city knows how to party, be it in the numerous nightclubs or cute and quirky bars of the Gothic quarter, or at the city’s many festivals and fiestas.

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Barcelona - La Sagrada Familia, city's most iconic building

La Sagrada familia

The Church of the Holy Family is the most famous architectural icon of the city. The construction on Gaudi’s most ambitious project started in 1882, but it is still unfinished and the work still continues.
This enormous project actually started out as a modest gothic cathedral. However, Gaudi’s vision was to depict the entire Bible in stone, and he saw the building as a symbolic representation of Christian faith. He wanted the visitor to feel the full force of the Gospel.

Address: Carrer de Mallorca 401

Barcelona - Fiesta Major de Gracia, a picturesque festival

The city’s fiestas

La Mercè is Barcelona's main fiesta held on September 24 at Plaça Saint Jaume in honor of the city's patroness, the Virgin of Merce. The celebrations include music, performances, parades of giants and other creatures, fireworks and open-air dancing. The festival ends with a night procession of devils and dragons spitting fire.
Barcelona’s other major festival is Festa Major de Gracia held in the Gracia district in the last half of August. It is undoubtedly the best and most creative community festival of the year. It is extremely well-organized, artful and imaginative. Gràcia's residents spend months planning parades, concerts, floats, street decoration, and amusement.

Barcelona - Barri Gotic, the oldest quarter of the city

Barri Gotic

Barcelona's Gothic Quarter is a neighborhood near the city’s main vein, La Rambla and main square Placa de Catalunya. It is one of the city's most historic quarters with Town Hall, Cathedral, and ancient Roman walls, and is characterized by charming gothic architecture and cobbled streets. In addition, it is home to numerous funky bars and pubs as well as designer boutiques. Day or night, it is a great area to visit.

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