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From Our Reykjavik Flights Guide: Car Parking



Phonenumber: (+354) 425-0444

E-mail: thjonusta@


Price list:

Short-term parking:

Fees charged are moderate, and the payment system is technologically sophisticated, accessible and easy to use.

• ISK 100 per hour, ISK 2,400 for the first 24 hours.

• After the first 24 hours, the rate drops by 50%, to ISK 1,200 per 24 hours.

Long-term parking:


1-7 days - ISK 550 per 24 hours

Week 2 - ISK 400 per 24 hours

Week 3 - ISK 300 per 24 hours

Week 4 onwards - ISK 250 per 24 hours

The longer you stay, the bigger the discount. For example:

24 hours ISK 550

8 days ISK 3,200

15 days ISK 4,500

22 days ISK 5,500

The new tariff provides a higher discount for those who are making longer trips abroad, e.g. on holiday.

The easiest payment method is by credit card at the car park entrance.

Payment at the car park by credit card

1. When you arrive at the car park, use your credit card to open the barrier. Drive in and park.

2. When you leave the car park, insert your credit card in the machine at the exit barrier. The parking fee is automatically charged to your card, and the barrier opens.

Payment inside the Terminal 1. When you arrive at the car park, take a ticket at the barrier, drive in and park.

2. Before returning to your car, pay at one of the payment machines in the Arrivals or Departures hall: insert your car park ticket in the machine, which displays the amount payable. Pay in cash or by credit card, and take your receipt from the machine.

3. At the car park exit, insert your receipt in the machine to open the barrier.

If any problem arises, Securitas staff in the Leifur Eiríksson Air Terminal will be pleased to assist.

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Current weather in
Light snow late. Cloudy. Cool.

Light snow late. Cloudy. Cool.
Chance of Precip.: 22 %
Wind: NNW 19 km/h

Snow changing to rain. Overcast. Cool.

Snow changing to rain. Overcast. Cool.
Chance of Precip.: 42 %
Wind: NW 26 km/h

Light snow late. Mostly cloudy. Cool.

Light snow late. Mostly cloudy. Cool.
Chance of Precip.: 24 %
Wind: NNW 29 km/h

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